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Related post: Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 20:12:36 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 10 - Building Toward-Gaymale -Highschool Reese and Me 10 - Building Toward February 2, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleDisclaimer and Warning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.This preteen free nonude story is part of the Reese and Me series.EMAIL me if you have any comments. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 10 - Building Toward Things were clear and fresh in my mind as I rubbed Reese's nipple tenderly. My life was spinning out of control, preteens sex pix but at least I knew exactly what was happening. I knew my problems specifically, and I knew in turn, how to handle those problems. Alexander had turned my life upside down, and I was going to make him pay for that. If he dared to step over the line again, I would release selected parts from the taped conversation at his apartment. And then I would be the one laughing. In a way, I was already laughing. At the very least, I was happier than I had ever been. I had the hottest preteen models thongs guy in my school drooling all over me. What's more, is that he was the most loving and compasionate person I had ever met. He loved me, as I did him. dutch preteen topless It felt awesome to have someone return feelings like that. preteen underwear pic Reese adjusted his position on the bed. We were in preteen cp galleries his bedroom. It was a large space, equiped with everything you could possibly need. Reese had a desk, covered by a full personal computer system. preteenporn sites He had a 32" TV, with a VCR, and of course, his Sega Dreamcast. He had a double bed, and a kicking stereo system against preteen girl neuken the far wall. The black preteen pussies walls were painted a faint shade of blue, Reese's favorite colour. I loved it in his room. There is just something about being in your boyfriend's bedroom. It's the place where he spends most of his time. It, in many ways, reflects his personnality. He decorates it (in most cases.) And that just lolta preteen fucking makes it special. I loved being in his bed too. Mostly this was due to the fact that I preteen free links knew this was where he beats off. Or, used to beat off. (I did that for him most of the time!) preteen hymen galeries "What are you doing tonight?" Reese asked, running his fingers through my hair. We were basically just cuddling together. Sometimes that was enough when we weren't in the mood for hardcore sex. It was enough to get me off, 'cause I had a major hard-on the whole time. He did too, and I began to stroke it through his cargo pants. "I dunno," I answered, continuing to run my fingers henti preteen along his long shaft. Reese let out a sigh of pleasure. "You want me to whack you off?" I inquired, not taking my eyes off the growing bulge in his pants. "Yeah," Reese replied without delay. He reached down and helped me with his preteen models x pants. I whipped them down along with his boxers. Reese preteen nymphets erotica smiled at me as I got into preteens nudist tpg position. I immediately took his rock-hard meat in my right hand and began to stroke it. I worked the romanian nude preteen foreskin up and down, gradually going faster and faster. He started to beath heavily. I loved that. I loved everything about him. His looks, his body, his personality. I was in love, and whipped to him like I'd never been whipped to anyone before. "That's good," Reese uttered as I continued to jerk his dick. I was speed-whacking now, and he began to squirm. After little under two minutes, there was an ample supply of precum on his tool. I used it as lube as I beat him as hard as I could. I listenned to his breathing, kissing at his nipple as I continued my job on his cock. After two minutes of preteen sex drawings this, he gave a slight moan, his cute little body tensing up. His cock twitched in my hand as the first squirt of cum launched out. Shot after shot struck him in the chest and stomach. After it was done, Reese layed his head back and relaxed. I supposed that he was just going to let me clean it up for him, so I got up off the bed and made my way across the room for the tissues. I quickly wiped it all up and tossed the used tissues in the garbage can. Afterwhich, I returned to Reese on the bed. I lay next to him as he continued in his moment of delectation. He kept his eyes closed as he preteen movie sexy spoke, "Thanks," he muttured, tossing his head back. "No problem," I replied. I enjoyed doing it for him. He'd done it so many times for me, the least I could was try to repay him. School had been boring that day. nubiles pre teen Nothing interesting seemed to happen. All I could think about was finally getting out at three. Right after getting out preteen schoolgirl naked the doors to school, Reese and I had exchanged looks. I knew what he wanted, and I was more than willing to fill that void for him. This time it was at his house, because my parents were home, and his weren't. "So you decide what you're doing tonight?" Reese asked, laying there next to me, almost completely naked. His cock, surprisingly enough, was still just as hard as it had been while I was jerking it. "Nope," I said, letting it out more like I would a sound than a word. I felt tired for some reason. Must have been all of the bordom I'd been subjected to at school. "How 'bout you stay here with me until you have to go home?" Reese asked tenderly, finally opening his eyes to look at me. He was still in the mood. One load down, quite a few more to go. I smiled at him, "Sounds good to me!" I switched positions so that we were laying facing each other. I leaned in and we engaged in a passionate kiss. My hands, again, worked his awesome cock. He was doing the same, except through several layers of clothing. That soon changed because I was completely naked nature preteen pictures after two minutes. Enveloped in pleasure, Reese preteens tiny models and I xxx preteen gallery made love girls preteen feet to each other for hours. We spent the entire evening together, there in his bed. We loved a lifetime's worth in those hours. The truth was that we were completely whipped to each other. Before I'd met Reese I hadn't known that such dirty preteens boys a thing was even possible. We were more lucky than either of us could imagine. However, things were about to take a turn for the worst ... It was Friday morning, and I was just out of the shower. preteenboys nude cute I stood in front of the bathroom mirror dressing myself. I put on one of my favorite outfits. It was all black for the most part, nonnude ebony preteen with black wide-leg shorts, and a black t-shirt with a white stripe across the chest. I adorned my silver medalion, spraying myself with cologne. Before heading downstairs, I spiked my short dyed blond hair, giving myself a thumbs up and a wink in the mirror. I smiled, in a really good mood. "Good morning, Jake," my Mom greeted as I entered the kitchen to grab my pop tart. "Morning Mom. preteen forbidden panties Morning Dad," I replied, beginning on my small breakfast. It occured to me that Dad would be home for most of the day. site preteen250freecom preteen I thought it might be a good time to ask for the Miata. I loved my Dad's car. It was a dark blue (almost black) 2001 Mazda Miata. It had a leather interior, and it was just an overall kick-ass ride. "Do you have any plans for tonight?" asked my Dad, moving past me for the pot of coffee. "Not so far, Dad," I replied, finishing my pop tart. I had to prepare myself for the question. My parents hated it when I asked for the Miata, but I usually did anyway. I decided today that I would try to sound as polite as possible. "Dad, do preteens drinking cum think that since you aren't working today, maybe preteen gay list I could possibly take the Miata?" My Dad turned to me with the fresh poured coffee in hand. pictures preteen boys His face turned serious. I knew that he was annoyed, but as he began to give in, he cracked a slight smile. "Yeah, but only today." "Thanks Dad!" I cried, giving him a little hug. I grabbed the keys and slipped on my shoes. big boobed preteens "Be careful with that car!" my parents cried after me as I ran down the driveway for the Miata. Without hesitation, I climbed in and turned the key in the ignition. It was a standard, which just made it better. Putting it into reverse, I pulled young preteens x out into the street and immediately threw it into first gear. Releasing preteen girls nudist the clutch just right, I took off up the road, accelerating as I gradually switched gears. When I drove the Miata, I didn't drive safely. I had scared the crap out of my friends on several occasions. Doing sixty in a residential zone, I threw in a METHODMAN and REDMAN CD. Jacking up the sound, I moved illegal model preteen in my seat to the tunes I was busting out. c te preteens I hung a quick right onto Barry Street. Switching back into third gear, I continued to accelerate. The base was so loud that I thought I was going to destroy my ears. But, I didn't care. After a brief, but rousing ride, I arrived in front of the school. I quicly parked the Miata and grabbed my backpack to head into the school. The halls were, as usual, packed to capacity. It was hard to move through hot preteenager pictures the confusion of people. But, I eventually made it to my locker which happened to be close by the entrance I used. Reese was at his locker, which was right beside mine. I was having a good morning, but just seeing him made it even better. "Hey," I greeted him, smiling. free schoolpreteen pic Reese didn't reply. He just turned to me, frowning. There was something terribly wrong. And I wasn't feet nude preteens sure that story preteen underage I even wanted to know what it was. "Something's going around school," Reese finally said. "What?!" I gasped. I could feel my face going pale already. "I've had three people already preteens sex asian this morning, come up to me asking me if it was true that I'm a homo," Reese explained. I could tell that he was close to panic. "Oh my god!" escaped from my mouth. Then one word, a name preteens artistic nudes actually, popped into my head. preteen studio bbs "Alexander." preteens xxx world "Is it that obvious?" Reese asked sarcastically. He was on edge free nudepreteen girls and I understood that. I knew that we shouldn't panic. If we were calm and cool about the situation, we could find a way to handle this. "Okay," I began, looking my man in his sweet brown eyes. "We play it cool for today, see how many people come up to us about it. Then if we decide that it's serious enough, I'll release the tape." Reese paused for a moment to take it in. "Okay," he agreed, "Good idea." He was still looking pretty worried about the whole thing. And I couldn't blame him. I was feeling much the same way. Together, we made our way through the halls toward out first class. Heads were turning all over the place. That was when it really hit me. It was happening. I'd been exposed. After everything I'd gone through to stop it, my social life was ruined and there was only a very slim chance that I could repair my crippled image. I was worried about Reese as well. We hadn't really gone through anything like that before. I wasn't sure just how he would handle himself. Could this end up being the end of us. It was very possible. I imagined that if enough pressure was placed on any couple, they'd be forced to break up. Reese and I, even though we were in love with each other, were no different. Suddenly I felt a hand close on my shoulder from behind. ls biz preteen I whipped around expecting it to be Alexander, or another unsavoury character. To my surprise, it was Meghan. I had been looking forward to seeing her since our conversation over the phone. "Hi Jake," she said, smiling, "Reese," cherry pre teen "Morning," I replied, unable to smile back at her. "Hi," Reese managed behind russian topless preteens me. I could here the worry in his voice. I just wanted to turn back to him and take him into an embrace. "What's wrong?" Meghan asked, the concern in her voice and face more than evident. I leaned in close to answer, "Some one's telling people that me and Reese are gay," I explained. Meghan's face froze. Call it a hunch, but I was pretty sure that she was not the one spreading these rumours. "Who else knows?" she asian preteen archives asked. "Just Alex," I answered, scratching at the top of my head. A group of my peers strolled by. It was obvious that they were absolutely disgusted with pedo preteen pictures me. It didn't take much to turn them against me. They weren't friends in the least. What did it matter if they'd decided they didn't like me anymore? Even still, my heart was seized in my chest, beating faster than I thought it could without bursting. "You're not too tight with him anymore are you?" she asked, obviously suspecting him. "No," I replied, "I think it's him too." "Well what are you gonna do about it?" Meghan asked, pushing a few strands of hair preteen model guestbooks out of her face. "I don't know," I told her. And I really didn't know how to go about getting even with Alexander anymore. My mind was suddenly a mess of confusion and paranoia concerning my peers at St. Micheal's. How many of them would want to kick my ass now that they know preteen she males my nasty little secret? I was screwed. Me and Reese both. virgin nude preteen "Well is there anything I can do to help?" inquired Meg, tightening the grip she had on the books she held in front of her chest. "No, I really don't think so." I felt Reese tugging at my shirt from behind. I suspected that he didn't feel comfortable talking to her now that she knew about me. lucky preteens pics I couldn't say that I blamed him. In exposing myself, I'd pretty much exposed him as well. We spent so much time together that it was probably pretty obvious to her that we were more than just best friends. I suddenly felt a surge of guilt. I shouldn't have told her. "K, well . . . " preteen bikini gallerys Meghan uttured, unsure of what to say. preteen boy photos "I guess we'll see you around," I said, beginning to turn away from her. "Yeah," she replied, "Let me know if me or Kevin can help." anal preteens pics "Yeah." And with that, Reese and I continued on toward our class. What was to follow was the worst day of my life. I couldn't believe the animosity that all of my so-called friends displayed toward me. Even though their lack of loyalty enraged me, I made sure not to start any fires that I couldn't put out. That last thing that I preteen models allnude needed was to get my ass kicked again. Even worse, was preteenz fotos the fact that I'd most likely be taking Reese with me this time. Just the thought of my man getting beat up by a bunch of homophobic ass holes crushed my heart. School finally ended. Reese and I wasted no time getting to the Miata in the rear parking lot. I thought for sure that there would be an angry mob of my former friends waiting outside, however the lot was empty. I smiled, trying to lighten the moment for preteen pic club Reese, but it was no use. He continued to display his frown for the ride home. I played my music low, not too much in the mood to preteen nudist young drive fast anymore. ukrainian preteen forum I took in a deep breath, downshifting into second for the left turn onto out street. preteen book nude I looked over at Reese. He kept his eyes forward. "Reese," I said, "I know that this is a serious situation, but . . . " "No Jake," he cut me off, "This is more than serious. This is the end." I felt my body go numb. I preteen kdz thumbs could have sworn that my heart stopped right there. Did he just say that forum preteen pthc it was the end? The end of what?! "We're fucken ruined, Jake!" Reese blog preteens nude screamed. Suddenly, he began to cry. This did not happen often. I couldn't take it. I couldn't cute preteens forum watch him cry. I angels preteens galleries immediately pulled the preteen movies galleries Miata over to the side of the road. Instantly, I was out of the sex for preteen car. Burning up from the heat of the sun, and my anger and sadness, I began to pace back and forth next to the sports car. It wasn't long before Reese joined me outside. "Jake!" he cried, tears streaming down his face. "What?!" I screamed back at him. I suddenly didn't care that we were out in public. My feelings were overwhelming me like they had never been able to before. "You can't barely preteen just fucken walk away from this!" he cried, "We're so fucked! We're so fucking fucked!" "Relax would you?!" I hissed, turning to him. "How can I relax?!" I snapped and I knew it. "Get in the fucking car right now!" I saw red as I stepped back up to the car door. There was something new in my voice. I wasn't comfortable with it's presence there, but I was so mad that I couldn't even begin to control myself. "No!" Reese replied, crying harder and harder as binaries preteen pics the seconds past. This was not the time to piss me off. "Reese, I'm not gonna tell you again!" I screamed, "Get into my fucking car!" "No!" With a surge of utter rage that I was not prepared for, I stepped around the small car, approaching Reese. Clenching my teeth so hard that I thought I would knock them all out, I grabbed Reese by his shoulders and litterally threw him down into the blonde preteen masturbation passenger seat preteen dark studio of the Miata. I could tell I'd hurt him, but I didn't preteen boy toplist care. I slammed the door and made my way back around the car. After I'd climbed back inside, I turned to Reese next to me. He was no amazing preteens pussy longer crying. His eva preteen model face was wet with tears and he was all red, however now he was enraged. Perhaps even more so than I was. Such a concept was not within my grasp at the time, hot preteen cheerleaders however. tori model preteen All I could think about at that point, was pedo preteen babies my own anger. For a long two minutes, there was no talk, only silence. During that silence, it seemed that my anger decreased substantially. It was quickly replaced with guilt. I looked at Reese again. He immediately began to cry again. Less than ten seconds after that, I was crying. "I'm sorry!" I cried, touching the side of his face. "I'm sorry. I was stupid . . . " "No, I hurt you!" We were histerical. But anybody would be. Our lives, essentially were ruined. I leaned in and kissed Reese. Through all the tears, we made up. I couldn't believe the rage that I had felt. I wanted to be shot. I'd taken out that rage on Reese, my lover preteen foot links and boyfriend. Suddenly, the door on Reese's side opened. We terminated our kiss, Reese immediately turning to see what was going on. Before preteen body art he even had a chance to turn around, two hands reached in and grabbed him by the shoulders. Someone was pulling him out of the car. My heart skipped two beats. Someone was putting their hands on my man. More worried than angry, I reached out and tried to keep preteen shock Reese inside the car. But, it was no use. He was already outside the vehicle. Barely done crying, I turned to get out my door. Before this could be accomplished the door opened preteens with panty and I too was pulled out. Two strong arms tossed my body onto the hood of the Miata small nud preteen before I could even look to see preteen dream bbs who my attacker was. I looked up to see funlumpkins preteen model Reese being rough-housed by the guy who'd scooped him out of the car. The entire thing was happening so fast that it was hard to get a grasp on reality. However, if the situation had not yet been real to me, it suddenly became very much so when the guy holding Reese swung back and laced him a punch across the cheek. Reese let out a yelp, falling back onto the nubile preteen girl hood. He punched him again, gripping the front of his shirt so he could hold him up as he beat on him. It was my worst nightmare, coming true right before my eyes. The person I loved more than anyone was being beat up in front of me. A shockwave of pain rocketed up through my back and neck. The guy on me had struck me with something. Something much harder than a fist or foot. He hit me again almost right afterward. I struggled, attempting to turn and face him. He held me against the hood for two more hits before I whipped myself around. There was so much pain in my back that I could barely stand. Attempting to keep my balance, I finally was able to see my attacker. My memories from my previous beating were vague at best, but I knew that this guy was one of the original asailants. A surge of anger passed up through my body. Before I could act on it though, I received a blow in the gut. What he was hitting me with was preteen thumbs nude a steel pipe. I couldn't believe the shit that I'd managed to get myself into. Both me and Reese were about to receive the beatings buzzsession preteen of our lives. And for what? The wind knocked out of me, I doubled over. He hit me in the back again, forcing me right down onto the pavement. In that instant, I heard Reese cry out in pain. I looked over, and from underneath the car, I could see Reese's feet. A small puddle of blood had begun to form there as he cried out again and again. It was then when I decided that I wasn't allowing this to happen. Operating solely on adrenaline, I stood up. preteen models kds I immedialy hauled off and drove my fist into my attacker's nose. I punched him twice more, knocking him back a easy innocent preteen few steps. My hands went for the pipe. I kneed him in the stomach over and over again until I'd forced it out of his hands. In a blind rage, I took the steel pipe in both my hands and swung back. I hit him across the shoulders with the first swing. But the next hit struck him in the face. Blood gushing down the front of his shirt, my preteen models blogs attacker fell to his knees in front of me. The tables were now turned. He was now the one on his knees crying. Without apprehension, I kicked him in the pre teen webcam face. streampreteen sex He was knocked out, falling back into the street on his back. Reese was screaming bloody murder as the second guy kicked him over and over again. He was down on the street, desperately trying to get away. The guy just kept kicking him. I didn't hesitate for a second. I walked up behind him and struck him across the back of the head with the pipe. He spun around, completely oblivious to what had just happened to erotic asian preteens him. I hit him again, right in the nose. Blood all over his face, he dropped on the spot, sliding down the side of the Miata. I stood there, my chest heaving up and down. Covered in sweat and tears, I stared down at the figure cuddling the curb. Reese Pirelli, my boyfriend had been beaten until he was nothing but a bloody mess. It was almost too much for me as I knelt down beside him. Reality was bent. It still really hadn't hit me yet. But regardless, I lay down beside Reese on the street. I held him until the paramedics arrived to take us away. I was sure that topless preteens kds if I hadn't killed our two attackers, I'd seriously injured them. I wasn't nearly done. Alexander had sent them after us. It was his fault. He'd set up the entire thing. I'd allowed this to go too far, and now it was time to fix things. To even things out between Alexander and I. He'd proven, with this attack, that he was willing to go as far as possible. So, in that moment, I decided preteen hot fuck that I would go as far as it took as well.Keep the comments coming, at!
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